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After Dinner Speaker : Ian McCaskill

Ian McCaskill

Glasgow University and The Royal Air Force were followed by 40 years as a meteorologist.

Indeed, one of the last true weathermen. Pre-computer and pre-satellite. Something must have rubbed off and nothing gives Ian more pleasure than a chance to share the experience.

Recently retired from 25 years as a weatherman on BBC TV, Ian tried the pipe and slippers for about 30 seconds. (He doesn't smoke and Hobbits don't need shoes). 60 was far too young to quit and the prospect of a whole day with his beloved new wife frankly appalled. The option of drinking himself to death briefly seemed attractive but Scots canniness prevailed and he chose to throw himself into silly television programmes and talking to people (always a favourite hobby, in spite of the Robin Cook accent).

Among recent unwatchable television events have been Ready, Steady, Cook., Jonathan Ross, Harry Hill, Basil Brush, Celebrity Fit Club and Drop The Celebrity. You may spot a trend here.

After Dinner speaking has proved popular and leaves time for his other favourite interest, preaching basic meteorology and the facts behind Climate Change.

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