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After Dinner Speaker : Oz Clarke

Oz Clarke

The last thing on Oz Clarke's mind was becoming a wine writer when he walked out of the stage door of the Prince Edward Theatre where he was playing General Peron in Evita, slap bang into an old university friend who was in the process of publishing a wine book - and needed someone to write it.

Since that fateful afternoon, Oz has been trying to juggle the demands of a show business career and a writing career with varying degrees of success.

He has written numerous best- selling books including: Oz Clarke's Wine Guide, Oz Clarke's Essential Wine Book, The Pocket Wine Guide, his widely acclaimed New Classic Wines and his latest mould-breaking book Oz Clarke's Wine Atlas.

He is also the Drinks Correspondent for the Weekend Telegraph.

You will probably know him as a co-presenter of the BBC's highly successful and long-running Food and Drink series as well as a variety of TV and radio programmes ranging from sport, arts and music through to The Generation Game and Children in Need specials. Wine lovers receive regular jolts on seeing his appearances in re-runs of such films as Superman, and Who Dares Wins.

Not bad for a sports-mad theology graduate from Oxford.

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