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Event Band : The Man From Funk Land

The Man From Funk Land is a professional five piece band based in the West of England, who can cater for all types of events ranging from Private Weddings, Corporate Parties and University Balls, to Exotic Mansions, Themed Extravaganzas and Music Festivals. This versatile outfit was founded in 1999 with the goal of creating a high quality band which played a wide range of music for all occasions.

The band members have been part of the professional music scene for many years and have performed extensively throughout the UK and worldwide. The popularity of the band has attracted many first class musicians, so that today The Man From Funk Land comprises some of the Uk's best funk, disco, soul, jazz and rock players.

Live  performances are always tailored to accommodate each particular client and audience, and with a huge repertoire which is always growing, every performance includes well known songs whatever the occasion.

To download the above sound file(s), please "right click" the file and using the "save as" function, save the file(s) to your selected destination.

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