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International Music - Eastern European - The Balkan Antics

 The Balkan Antics are a brass band that play wild, rhythmically driving music from the Balkan region and Anatolia. Born out of London's cosmopolitan music scene it combines the cream of the UK with top Balkan expatriate musicians.

The Balkanatics get their main inspiration from the Brass bands that can be found in various parts of the Balkan region. Fans of Emir Kusterica films will be familiar with the sound of some styles found in the Serbian and Macedonian regions. Apart from developing their own compositions and band 'sound', they are constantly studying the rich traditions from the region, developing a large repertoire of the traditional musics and traditional ways of performing it so that they can perform 'authentically' at weddings and festivals when required. 

This is a very rare presentation in the UK and has to be experienced to be fully appreciated.

 'Kick-Ass Balkan brass band...their sound is robust, high energy' - f-ROOTS

To download the above sound file(s), please "right click" the file and using the "save as" function, save the file(s) to your selected destination.

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