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Comedian : Mick Miller

Mick Miller

Liverpool born Mick is without doubt one of Britain's most successful stand up comedians.

At 19 he became a Blue Coat Comedian in holiday camps and so began his career as a professional entertainer.

After working in clubs up and down the country his first big break came when he appeared on the TV programme 'New Faces' and won.

From there his career has gone from strength to strength, the highlights being several appearances at the London Palladium, 10 Summer Seasons in Blackpool, 4 Summer Seasons in Jersey, his own TV show 'Success' as well as Granada TV's 'The Comedians', 'The Funny Side' and many more.

Mick has worked all over the world including a tour of Australia, every country in the EEC, several visits to the Middle East, Bosnia, The Falklands and the Gulf entertaining the troops.

Part of the reason for his success is that Mick can maintain his own inimitable brand of comedy whilst having the ability to entertain at any venue from the end of the Pier to the Comedy Store.

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